I’m Beautiful

from within

As a part of the mission, Aarzoo has designed a video series called “I am beautiful.. from within”, where she’s interviewing women who have set an example of what holding a powerful sense of self means, women who are an inspiration to other women of our country, who believe in their own strength and who have risen against all odds, in spite of any challenge they ever faced!

She’s looking to meet more such women who can inspire a lot of women out there in our country, 30 minutes of conversation can impact someone in such a big way that we can't even imagine!

Aarzoo has already interviewed women who are actors, self help coaches, athletes, formula racer, celebrity costume designer, IPS officer, cancer survivor and many more. She wants to create a movement with this video series. A movement of change in the way we think about beauty and strength and how there are many women out there who have proven that with their real life, inspirational stories!

Aarzoo, the message you’re giving to the youth and those who are under-confident is amazing! Keep doing the great work, it means a lot to me. All the best!

Anita Hassanandani | Actress